Anatomy of Wings

a ten year documentary sharing the storY of ten girls growing into women filming their lives in baltimore together.

Thank you for being a part of our rough cut audience. This is a private page for your uses only to watch the Anatomy of Wings rough cut and provide feedback of our film’s progress.  This page will be available for two weeks to protect our eligibility to apply to film festivals this summer.

Grab a tissue, popcorn and Happy Watching!




Our Story, Our Way

Anatomy of Wings is currently a grassroots production co-directed by Kirsten D’Andrea Hollander and Nikiea Redmond. Our Wings filmmakers are creating this film with the ten Wings girls, Wings mentors, cinematographers from Baltimore and abroad and our senior editor in New York. We invite you to be inspired by our work and consider becoming an advocate for our film or a donor towards post production.


rough cut feedback

Our team is honored that you’ve spent your time watching our rough cut of Anatomy of Wings. We are working with our senior editor this winter to complete an 80 to 90 minute final edit of our film. The next steps for us is applying for film festivals and sharing clips of our film to schools, community spaces and universities across the region. Complete the form below to provide feedback of our rough cut.

Thank you  - Co-Directors Kirsten & Nikiea


you can Help our Story shine

We’re not picky. Our wings team knows our lives are busy and independent film’s like ours can use your help in so many ways that already fit your day to day schedule. Every effort counts to us!

  1. Sharing our film with colleagues, family and friends through social media or in person is a great way to support our story. Scroll below to follow our social media profiles.

  2. Donating $25 to our film may seem small yet it supports us finishing and reaching our $80,000 post production budget. Our goal is to reach 2,500 supporters by spring 2019.

  3. Becoming an Advocate. To become an advocate for our film our team will equip you with all the promo materials and information for our film’s events and release. As we prepare to share this powerful story with the world we’ll need all the help we can get, contact Nikiea at and let’s discuss what’s possible.

Our Wings family appreciates you taking the time to ‘show us some love’. Our film is made for people like you!